BD4 Family

BD4 Family is a family outreach project working with pre-school aged children and their parents or carers.

The project has been running since 2001 and strongly focuses on working with families with pre-school children and provides sessions each week through term time to support families by providing a place to meet other people, participate in activities, get advice and be encouraged to find out what is available to them and how to access it. We also provide many one-to-one support sessions in the home to individual parents and carers according to their needs.

We work to help families to come together to learn, share and grow, where they can feel safe to enjoy quality time together and access encouragement and support when needed. The groups we run support the needs of our ever expanding community by really listening to families and encouraging them to be part of our decision making and offering opportunities to volunteer and get involved.

We believe that families work best when they put love and family values at the heart of their relationships.

At BD4 Family we aim to support families in achieving that belief as a reality and we do this by constantly modelling positive parenting and enabling parents to understand the emotional and social needs of their children.

All our groups focus on parent and child interaction and engagement in activities together.  Please read through the different groups we provide to fully grasp how we achieve this.

Our groups run during term time only unless otherwise stated.